J Padma sri vidyanjali high school vivekananda nagar kukatpally hyderabad


Pre- Primary InCharge

As a certified preschool teacher and with a natural love towards the children I started my career at srividyanjali.Proud and glad to be a part of this institution since 13years. I learned many wonderful things with passion like. Teaching the basic skills of language with phonic sounds. Teaching the children the fundamental skill of math and language through various methods of playway teaching for conversations rhymes and story telling. As a team we develop and implement activities that improve child's learning. Everyday is a new beginning here and children are our strength and energy.

k Devi Anapurna Sri Vidyanjali high School Kukatpally Hyderabad

K. Devi Annapurna

Incharge Primary

I am k.Devi Annapurna pursuing the 9th Successful year at Vidyanjali High School. Always  Worked with lots of enthusiasm and pleasure.I started my career at Vidyanjali as 2nd std teacher and continued for 4th year and later taken up a task of 3rd std class teacher  which was really interesting,especially my favourite subject  E.V.S . It made me feel on cloud nine when I was offered IV and V E.V.S. My Career has taken a turn when I became Primary Incharge which gave me an opportunity to groom 300 kids instead of 30 kids, this promotion has proved me a way to train the teachers to run their classes successfully through hands on learning activities. As vidyanjali is complete concept based school we look forward to reach the children concept based we look forward to reach the  children in play way method and  make the children enjoy  their schooling . Our First motto is not to teach but to welcome children everyday happily to school. I am Sure we are successful. Lastly I would like to thank our humble principal who has trained and guided us to become real mother teachers.

Archna -Sri Vidyanjali High School vivekananda nagar Hyderabad


Maths Teacher

I am Archana working at Sri Vidyanjali school for 5 years.Here I am taking classes for maths.I learned many things from this school in there 5 years.We teach moral values discipline and respect towards the elders along with the classroom subjects. This school system curriculum is very good.we take care of each and every student like a mother we take extra care to build the confidence levels. We teach maths in activity based. we try our levels best for the children to make them successful in their life we feel very happy to work in this school. My school is an Eco-friendly school we teach children not to carry plastic bag we teach to plant a tree on every occasion especially on birthdays we allow children to bring only fruit for a snack to avoid junk food. This school gives us a very good atmosphere to work.We reinforce the basic mathematical operations.We introduce strategies to make working with numbers easy. We make the children relate the math concept to real-life situations. We demonstrate how the concept of math used in our day to day life.We encourage independent thinking we promote self-esteem. We create an effective environment in the classroom.We introduce the topics by using multiple representations. we made the children solve the develop their own methods. We show the application we improve their reasoning we give recapitulation we conduct the formative-summative assessment to know their levels in the subject. We encourage visual learning. Finally, we motivate the children to reach the higher levels.

Anuradha -Sri vidyanjali high School vivekananda nagar Hyderabad


E.V.S Teacher

I am Anuradha.I have been associated with Vidyanjali for over 8 years now.I started my career as a pre- primary teacher which has given me an immense pleasure and joy, teaching our future young generation. I then moved on to primary section and taught the children of grade II for 4 years. I believe learning  is a perpetual process and I always look forward to learn something new. Vidyanjali has encouraged me to do so and has given me an opportunity to take up environmental science for grades 4 and 5 . Our school curriculum allows students and teachers to learn in a collaborative manner. Ours is an eco-friendly school, which supports the strong motive of being environment friendly and instills the same in the children which  is very rare. Our Principal has been a constant driving force and has always supported and guided us. Our main focus is not only making the students academically brilliant but also nurturing them into tomorrow's strong individuals.

Anita S -Sri Vidyanjali High School Vivekananda nagar Kukatpally Hyderabad

Anitha S

Science Teacher

I am Anitha.S,I am associated to sri vidyanjali for 6 years I facilitated the learning of physical sciences to high school children. Here in Vidyanjali learning science is not just text was but an experience of the knowledge.Every concept is learnt through observation experiment and activities . We nurture scientific inquisitiveness  of children by giving simple  opportunities to generate new ideas . In these years, I had a privilege to be apart of the science fairs conducted by school which offer a perfect place to the students to manifest their scientific ideas   into working models. I have evolved myself as a professional introduced mentor the school has provided me  a great support with positive and healthy working environments. The school has also helped me ground professionally through various training programs in enhancement of subject knowledge, personality development communication skills ,SOI and also emotional intelligence now I feel I am well equipped to give my best Sri Vidyanjali is a great place to work, learn and grow.  

Samntha j -Sri Vidyanjali high School viveka nanda nagar kukatpally hyderabad

Samatha J

Social Teacher

* Being a fresher to this job as a Teacher I have learned many new things which have groomed me to a different extent. I started my career as a preschool teacher in the year 2011, the experience I still cherish a lot. In the later years, the management gave me an opportunity  to teach for the primary and middle school sections i.e Grades 4,5,6 and 7. I have been teaching social science for the grade 6 and 7 for four years. Sri Vidyanjali is really a good school not only for the children but also for the teachers.Children really enjoy learning through hands on techniques and through practical experience. As a teacher, I have been groomed with the immense curriculum knowledge received from Vidyanjali I am able to create an enthusiastic environment in the classroom with love and care. I love the atmosphere of this school.It always gives a positive feel. The school follows NCERT curriculum which allows students and teachers to learn collaboratively. * The school does all it can to ensure the prompt availability of the infrastructure and materials both for the staff and students to conduct a harmonious and smooth flowing academic session. Students cherish each day spent here and feel glad to interact with their teachers. Students are given lots of mini projects in the from of discussions, presentations etc, to build their knowledge. The aim of the school is to make their students creative and make them leaders of tomorrow. It gives me immense pleasure and privilege to be a part of Sri Vidyanjali. Day by day, I am gaining more knowledge which I needed the most. Feeling proud to be a part of Sri Vidyanjali, the best school in India.  

Supriya -Sri Vidyanjali High School vivekananda nagar hyderabad


Social Teacher

I have been associated with this  organization from the past 7 years.It is a place where learning is inculcated through activities. Sri Vidyanjali School truly believes in the holistic development of children and teacher alike. And That's how this curriculum is designed for the kids and training programs crafted for teacher to face different challenge now and in the future. I personally started teaching as a profession which turned into my passion. I am handling middle and high school children of different attitudes using various self ideologies. As a part of social science, we nurture the students to become future administrators as well as responsible citizen. * Through different criteria like quizzes,debates.mock parliaments etc, * We assess the performance of the students .This builds their ability to compete. The School espouses moral values and care for "Mother Earth". It's a great place to work.    

G Aruna


Computer Teacher

I have 7 years of experience at Sri Vidyanjali School.Here my role as a computer Science facilitator is to guide students using technology in their  education.I feel this is a wonderful place where children believe "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out". I think ,"An educator designs a course that is to promote higher order learning, such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation where  we give healthy environment", We speak to the children as if they are the most beautiful and sparkling stars on this  earth.  

Nisha -Sri Vidyanjali high School Vivekananda nagar hyderabad


Class I Class Teacher

My Childhood aim was to become a teacher. I have been in educational field for 7 years. This is my 5th year experience in Sri Vidyanjali school,It was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.Here we make lessons live modules by making them as interactive and enjoyable My passion for teaching shine  through each and everyday. I want to create a positive energy with smile in the classroom every single day. So I always add on my face with a smile. As a teacher I want myself to be more creative and flexible to them. I am involved in the social,Intellectual,physical and moral development of pupils. I always want my head up and teach happily for the love of education.  

Padmavati Sri Vidyanjali high School kukatpally hyderabad


Biology Teacher

I am padmavathi and I am a trained graduate.I have 10 years of teaching experience.I have been working in Sri Vidyanjali School from the year 2012. The school provides a healthy environment in updating my Knowledge. Teaching flourish with the support given by the school. Teacher in the class is a performer of multiple tasks in teaching learning process. The school provides offscreen support and play a key role in achieving positive outcomes. This is the only place where self competition in the student is strongly recommended which helps in removing stress of the child. I feel very comfortable in my profession because of the support extended by the school. The ultimate aim of the school is to achieve all round development of child who should be a good citizen of our country. Sri vidyanjali school provides child centered education. Each and every concept is learnt practically.As we all know that hands on skill experiences are registered in the permanent memory. This is the only place where values are inculcated along with learning outcomes. Sri Vidyanjali encourages,practices demonstration method,where the child is the active participant and the teacher is the source of knowledge. This is the place where the child acquires wings of knowledge to touch the heights of wisdom.  

Aprana - Sri vidyanjali High School

Mattam Aparna Devi

Incharge of Higher Classes.

  Working at Sri Vidyanjali School since 2003. At present Co-ordinating academic aspects. Started my career from pre primary level and continued teaching basic phonics for class I. My Experience at the present working school: I have been working here since 2003 and its my 14th year in association with Sri Vidyanjali. Being a part of the school, I feel Privileged and fortunate enough to learn varied learning and teaching aspects from the day one since i joined . I learned the work culture and the meaning of a Teacher here at vidyanjali few of my abilities coupled with my teaching made the children ease at learning and would like to continue the same till the last day of my working. I learned few more skills passionately which were very much needed in my teaching process like.... Ability to teach the lessons in an interesting manner to realise the logic and relate the same in different scholastic aspects. Ability to inspire the students for desired results in scholastic approach. Ability to work with children of different aptitude and skills. Ability to interact with the children effectively so that they learn quickly and meticulously. Ability to plan and collect material and  deliver the lessons in the class accordingly. Learnt cuisine and taught the same. I always feel that the a basic foundation plays a major part in scholastic areas , so did and thrived to reach the same with the great support of the management. I am and wish endeavours sri vidyanjali supported me to do the same to build up attributes and attitudes to become a right person in the society.