A new social initiative from Sri Vidyanjali School to propagate, “Say No to Single Use and stop the culture of use and throw”.
The management staff and students of Sri Vidyanjali School have come up with a unique idea to provide stainless steel plates, glasses, bowls and cutlery to the parents on rent basis. Parents can take the stainless steel items during their functions and parties at a minimal cost equivalent to the cost of disposable items.
The school doesn’t want to end the idea of cutlery back as a charity model rather it wants the model to be promoted into the market as a profitable business idea. For instance the school has invested Rs.1,00,000/- to purchase 300 pieces of big and small plates, big and small glasses, bowls and big and small spoons, forks. The school has fixed the cost of items as following. In a month if someone would rent all the items the school would be getting Rs.1630. This will amount to 18% interest rate. It could be made more profitable if more people hire the items. The returns could somewhere vary between Rs.6520 to Rs.10,000 per month depending on the order.
Anyone who can invest around Rs.1,00,000 or less can very easily set up a their own cutlery bank and earn a good livelihood.
We wish the model goes deeper into the market and people stop using disposable and dangerous plastic items and start reusing the reusable items.
Crockery bank a sustainable business idea for sustainable environment.

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