Soft skills play an important role in the student’s life. These skills have to be mastered at the school level itself.
Our CSD program caters to this development. It aims at the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Listening and speaking skills are nurtured by the ASL course of the CBSE. Ample role plays are given to children so that even the introvert student also can express himself very well. We give individual attention and strive to mould each student to give his best. Thorough reading sessions are conducted to inculcate the zeal, to build reading skills. Creative writing practices are designed in such a manner, to boost up the writing skills of the children.

C.O.S.P (child oriented science projects)

To give an edge to the scientific temperament in the children at an early age. We introduce simple science experiments to the children from the primary level. Small science concepts are taught through experiments in simple language.


We have recognized drawing not just as art but as a tool to develop overall development in the children. So, we encourage free hand drawing in the children and have been successful in pushing the children to great heights.


Creative works which include various art  forms like  Origami, best out of waste, paper bag making, dabbing, brush painting, dry leaf art, collage,   are taught to evoke creative spirit in the children


Well equipped computer lab is provided at the disposal of the children. More number of practical classes bring technology close to the children and get them ready for the future.

Extra Curricular Programme

Extracurricular activities also bring out the best of the students. Music, dance, art, craft, karate, basket ball, throw ball, etc. are given prime importance parallel with the academics.