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About The School

  • Sri Vidyanjali High School is an educational institution dedicated to bring quality education to your children.
  • The management is highly dedicated towards the cause of promoting education from the past Twenty Five Years, supporting government schools with vidya volunteers and many such activities.
  • This school has been established in the year 2003 as a private school basically aimed to the core of quality education.
  • Established as a pre-school developed its primary wing and high school.
  • Every move in the school has been very selective so as to assure quality education. We believe that education should not end up as a literacy program, with just reading and writing, but should aim at over all development of the children.
  • The long interaction in the field helped us to get facilitated with the various methods of teaching. Finally’ we could get the best methods of teaching through the department of early education at Andhra Mahila Sabha.
  • We have been consistently making use of the system for the past fourteen years, growing and developing the system, yet maintaining ourselves to the roots of the system.


Attitude building forms the base of child development. So we try to build right thoughts in the children right from primary level. We try to establish the same with short stories linked through proverbs.

Teacher / Student Ratio

We believe every child is unique and so is valuable to us.

  • We believe that there should be an ideal teacher student ratio for keen individual attention on every child.
  • To maintain an ideal teacher student ratio we have two teachers till the primary wing. This comes to a maximum of 13 to 15 children for every teacher.

Sri Vidyanjali School, a pinnacle of education always aims to bring out students’ highest academic and personal potential. It gives them a firm foundation based on understanding of Indian culture, society and ideas. The school strives to build good future citizens of India.

Our ultimate goal is to nurture students’ future in a stress free environment. We are endowed with  well qualified staff always ready to face challenges.


Teaching is conducted in English with limited number of students in each class.

Vision & Mission

Education is more than just literacy. Education is awareness. Education is wholesome conglomeration of literacy, spiritual and temporal growth, broaden horizons, zeal and zest for life, an understanding of the world, and empathy for its citizens.



 About Us Sri vidyanjali high School Vivekananda nagar Hyderabad

  • 2003

    Start Up

  • 2017

    Over 1000 People

  • 2011

    Best School Award

Why Choose Us

We at Srividyanjali School Strive to address a balance of three core areas of life which are:-


Attitude:-The way you think and feel about someone or something. A feeling or way of thinking that affects a person’s behavior. A way of thinking and behaving that people regard as unfriendly, rude, etc.

Skills:-The definition of a skill is a talent or ability that comes from training or practice. An example of skill is the capability to produce fine works of art.

Knowledge:-Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning.

What we have Achieved

Exploring the new world









Meet Our Teachers

Aprana - Sri vidyanjali High School

Mattam Aparna Devi

Incharge of Higher Classes.

  Working at Sri Vidyanjali School since 2003. At present Co-ordinating academic...
Padmavati Sri Vidyanjali high School kukatpally hyderabad


Biology Teacher

I am padmavathi and I am a trained graduate.I have 10 years...
Nisha -Sri Vidyanjali high School Vivekananda nagar hyderabad


Class I Class Teacher

My Childhood aim was to become a teacher. I have been in...
G Aruna


Computer Teacher

I have 7 years of experience at Sri Vidyanjali School.Here my role...
Supriya -Sri Vidyanjali High School vivekananda nagar hyderabad


Social Teacher

I have been associated with this  organization from the past 7 years.It...
Samntha j -Sri Vidyanjali high School viveka nanda nagar kukatpally hyderabad

Samatha J

Social Teacher

* Being a fresher to this job as a Teacher I have...
Anita S -Sri Vidyanjali High School Vivekananda nagar Kukatpally Hyderabad

Anitha S

Science Teacher

I am Anitha.S,I am associated to sri vidyanjali for 6 years I...
Anuradha -Sri vidyanjali high School vivekananda nagar Hyderabad


E.V.S Teacher

I am Anuradha.I have been associated with Vidyanjali for over 8 years...
Archna -Sri Vidyanjali High School vivekananda nagar Hyderabad


Maths Teacher

I am Archana working at Sri Vidyanjali school for 5 years.Here I...
k Devi Anapurna Sri Vidyanjali high School Kukatpally Hyderabad

K. Devi Annapurna

Incharge Primary

I am k.Devi Annapurna pursuing the 9th Successful year at Vidyanjali High...
J Padma sri vidyanjali high school vivekananda nagar kukatpally hyderabad


Pre- Primary InCharge

As a certified preschool teacher and with a natural love towards the...